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Cryin' for the Dyin'

Bravo..and 100% here. I do think in the Christian 'ethic' and know there are those in the world..who have never had time for anything but water and food..forget medicine and education. I have to wonder..as I have for decades..how can any resource be devoted and dedicated to destructive war? Isn't thefact of the matter and need enough motivation to stop destruction in the name of whatever. Since the 'necessity' of stopping the meglo nature of Nazism and the Japanese empire..any war has been..from my view..what Ike warned of..'The military industrialcomplex'..which has reversed..for money to the 'industrial military'...

The'Golden Rule' and a morning mirror..are just fine..just fine indeed..Peace Tony


hey there:) - i have no idea how i'm actually "following" you - but when i pressed the button, it did what it was supposed to do - lol! - in anycase, i can login as me from WP and comment, so that's good

in other news, my mom just convinced my step-dad to convert to Catholicism - i'm facing a certain amount of sanctimoniousness and preaching when i get back to the states to visit in Dec. - my husband is refusing to come with me (they already had words last time, and it wasn't pretty) - lol! - i wish it were that easy for me to avoid!- i totally agree with you - it all generally comes down to the Golden Rule (which incidentally, dates back to the Code of Hammurabi) - i go with that - it's simple and makes sense:) - and i don't need religion to behave towards others in the manner i wish to be treated:)

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