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[this is good] I agree with most of the above but I think there is a God ,but he's alot more loving and open minded then portrayed by most religions.I have no idea what is going to happen after I die but I sure don't think I am going to hell nor anyone I know , including my Dadwho refuses to believe anything until it's proven,which is not a crime. I have a hard time getting my head around the fact that most christian religions say if you do not except Jesus as your Savior and believe he died for our sins then you are going to Hell!.... well ya know what, I did not ask to be brought into this world and I think it is just crazy that some great master of the world --(GOD) created this place and then said...ok I gave you life- now you have to worship me and do what I say or I will send you to the depths of hell if you don't....and oh yeah I am giving you freewill and physical and sexual needs but you have to try and curb those needs to fit into the mold I want you to be. Oh and here is an old book (bible) that is written by a bunch of people way after the time,the events talked about ,happened, and it waswritten by menwho interpreted it how they saw it.....You can use that to figure out what to do....it's all a bit much to take in....I do go to church sometimes because I like my Pastor and I am just interested in hearing what he has to say and I take from it what I want, but I cannot say I believe all that is talked about. I want to think there is a greater being up there in charge of this mess and that someday some sense will come out of it all....I also like to believe that our souls never die and that when we cross over ,we will be with all those that have gone before us and get to be with them forever.....I deal with dying people all the time and that way of thinking helps me deal with all the losses i see ,I hope it's true cause I'll have alot of friends on the other side waiting for me. :O) anyway, I love you Dad and I applaud you for being honest about what you believe and standing up for it,most people in this world are not that way I'm glad you're my Dad!

Cryin' for the Dyin'

Hello..Most of this..is well founded. The extortive nature of doing something for fear of sanction..or want of validation..is crass indeed. The idea of the God we created..'in man's image' is, of course, what it is.

The energy of the infinite..is the same as anything else sensed. It is quantifiable. Just esoteric. I believe it may well be, in its removed nature, one of the most powerful of the senses. I further believe and am trying to learn..the capacity for man..when found..it may redefine infinity. For now time is all powerful and the only thing that truely changes. There are many subtexts and a zillion 'toys'. As we live in the 'finite', we may in growth, come to understand the gods we created.

Then there is feeling..then there is pure feeling in love..in accomplishment..in the dream and the doing..to create.

Peace Tony

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